African Torture by Cortez. Illustrations by Aries

AfroTortureCover 180x240 African Torture by Cortez. Illustrations by AriesTHE AUTHOR

Cortez is the acknowledged master of the interrogation story. Although his stories appear on a number of sites, for the last two years all new stories have first been posted on, many illustrated by the site’s top artists. To date the collection has over thirty short stories in a range of modern and historical settings in places as far apart at Africa, the East Indies and South America.
And now! In response to demands from his many fans is delighted to be able to bring you the first Cortez novel!
The same sadistic themes, the same thrilling interrogation sequences and the same quality writing but now with all the extra excitement and development of a full-length story.
Fully illustrated with twenty five stunning drawings by Aries this is one story you simply can’t afford to miss!


In a corrupt African state, whispered stories tell of young women being trained and then sold as sex-slaves. Blonde American lawyer, Carol Wainwright, discovers the stories are horribly true. Within hours she and her two pretty young research assistants are in the hands of the dreaded Internal Security Bureau, stripped naked and screaming in agony as they find out about the ISB’s questioning techniques at first hand.
afro torture by Aries 131x240 African Torture by Cortez. Illustrations by Aries
They are not alone, General Jonas Achebe is always on the lookout for fresh, young slave flesh to be disciplined and broken on his remote, private estate before being sold to satisfy the depraved tastes of his wealthy clients. As the story unfolds so Gloria, Brigitte and Nadine also add their own screams of agony and forced ecstasy to the chorus of pain as they too become ensnared in the General’s cruel and sadistic clutches.


…‘She’ll use the electric crabs this time…’ The Inspector’s fingers touched Helen’s left nipple very delicately. ‘Watch… after all, both of you are so well equipped for this…’
Helen gasped in horrified understanding as she saw Lucy N’goya pick up two toothed copper clips, each attached to a red wire that snaked back to a humming black box on the floor.
The Inspector continued to stroke Helen’s stiff, jutting bud as Lucy carefully opened the jaws of one clip before positioning it across the aroused stub of the young researcher’s nipple. Helen could see the excitement in the woman’s eyes as she let the spiked jaws close, pinching the delicate flesh in an agonising grip. Desperate not to move, Mimi Namuma bit her lip, moaning softly as the little teeth drew beads of blood as they bit into the sensitive tip…


…The Inspector’s finger’s stroked the young woman’s cheek, wiping away the tears of agony as the rattan continued to sear across her bottom like a fiery brand. Every so often, as the agony became too much, he watched complacently as she reared back, arching up so her breasts bounced and joggled wildly, trying vainly to ride the blistering pain of the strokes.
Intent on their own pleasure both men ignored those frenzied movements… just as they ignored the madly kicking feet and pleading cries of pain… the strap holding her down was the kind normally used to secure loads on lorries and there was nothing she could do to escape the full application of her sentence… READ FULL NOVEL

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